City of Ottawa Murals on Underpasses Program

General Research Survey

Ryan Smeeton and Drew Mosley


The City of Ottawa is accepting proposals for the Murals on Underpasses Program from three shortlisted artist teams who have been pre-selected to present a design and their community engagement plan. These murals will frame the newly renovated Main Street in Old Ottawa East, at the 417 Queensway underpass.

Project Objectives

This opportunity was developed as a means of beautifying the city's underpasses and simultaneously developing creative gateways which intersect the city's vibrant communities while reflecting the local community. Collaboration and consultation with community groups, associations, and local businesses are an integral part of the overall vision.

Artwork or design must draw from the vision of the Murals on Underpasses Project and reflect an interaction with the local community, while demonstrating contemporary artistic excellence.

As one of the shortlisted artist teams in this year’s competition, we are conducting research with members of the community in order to gain insight into the perspectives of local people and community organizations. This questionnaire is designed to provide us with a general understanding of the public’s thoughts on the project, our proposed mural themes, and perceptions of the area.

This research will serve as part of our community engagement plan for this project. If selected for the mural, we will follow up this research by posting our preliminary research findings as well as various project updates online. All survey respondents will also be invited to attend the official mural unveiling as a chance to meet the artists and see how their input influenced the final mural concept. This session will be open to stakeholders, community associations, and general public.

Thank you very much for your help!


Ryan Smeeton

(613) 620-3712


Survey results will be kept anonymous.